Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Video card temperature?

i've recently overclocked my xgx geforce 8600GT 512 MB, and after playing crysis on high for about an hour my temperature was at around 70C ( got to 77 as highest temp ).

i am running my fan at 25%

is a temperature of 70-80C dangerous ? what temperature is safe ?|||Generally, that high of a temperature is going to severly shorten the lifespan of the card.

Electronic devices fail quicker at higher temps. Generally anything over 80C is bad, but lower is ALWAYS better.

But, most newer cards have built-in protective measures that will prevent the card from completely overheating.|||Run your fan at 50% to cool your GPU down-if not you will not have it long.|||You should run your fan at 75-100% when gaming. Also video cards run at a higher temperature than cpus. You can add another case fan.

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